Activities in the Park Recharge your batteries!

Where Markus Sittikus once strolled with his guests, embedded in a densely wooded and meadowed landscape, the Hellbrunn park spreads out as a wonderland of landscape architecture -  enjoy the extensive footpaths and the modern playground with its water wonderland.

Natural Space

From diversity to opposites

The Hellbrunn Palace park astonishes biologists - rare plants and insects live here, butterflies flutter over protected fields of flowers, and sensitive lichens grow on ancient oaks. Hellbrunn is a gift of nature. The special delight of the park is given by its contrasts -  the artistically arranged area of the park smoothly merges into the original aspect of the Salzach meadows and hills. Experience a diversity based on contrasts – to be marvelled at in the natural space of Hellbrunn.

Play Space

First the fun and then the pleasure

Children find their paradise at Hellbrunn with a great deal of freedom to play, the loveliest playground in the city and the giant playing field. All of the senses are fostered and challenged. But who actually said that a playground is only for children? Parents are also invited to take part and have fun – most of the playground equipment is also suitable for adults. Don’t ever stop playing!

Exercise Space

Recharge your batteries

Fitness studios are very nice – but they are no match for exercise in the open air. Hellbrunn offers sport-lovers ideal training conditions all year round.

  • In Summer: Fitness course, running route, Nordic walking, yoga, frisbee, badminton
  • In Winter: Cross-country skiing on prepared trails (use free of charge)