Lust for life Not just a palace – a pleasure palace

Hunting lodges are there for hunting, residences to live in and to govern from – but what is actually a pleasure palace? Quite simply: a place for celebration, for pleasure and recuperation – a representative holiday domicile with a park and trick fountains. Pleasure palaces were highly fashionable around 1615. Little has changed at Hellbrunn in over 400 years. Except that in earlier times pleasure was reserved for archbishops such as Markus Sittikus. Everyone can stroll through the park nowadays, take pleasure in the trick fountains and celebrate in the palace.

Markus Sittikus The archbishop and his passion

Imagine a man who is simultaneously a prince and an archbishop; a man of power with a wealth of gold and salt. His name: Markus Sittikus. His vision: to create such a place that had never previously existed. You can still feel this passion today: Hellbrunn is more than a summer palace with a park and the unique trick fountains – Hellbrunn is a love of lifestyle.


Permanent Exhibition Grand Delight: The unexpected world of Markus Sittikus

The power of archbishop Markus Sittikus reached far beyond Salzburg. He ruled a region from Carinthia in the south to Regensburg in the north. But why did he have Hellbrunn built in only three years? Well, it was simply his love of life. The interactive permanent exhibition “GrandDelight – The unexpected world of Markus Sittikus” conveys the castle and its history in a refreshingly different way – just as the prince-archbishop would have liked.

Venue: Event Location Feel like the lord of the manor!

Celebrate your festivity at the palace that was especially created for it. Whether a wedding banquet or incentive, whether a chamber concert or a summer’s night festivity – you will find the appropriate setting for all occasions at Hellbrunn. Moreover, you can enjoy the inexplicable feeling of celebrating your festivity like a mannerist prince, especially in combination with the trick fountains.

The Orangery

The Orangery is open to everything

Whether  party  or  seminar,  wedding  or  product  presentation:  Guests  are  always  delighted  by  the bright and friendly atmosphere of this Mediterranean hall. The generous glass front opens up views from and into the sculptures in the park and the water parterre. The grounds become a scenic backdrop and are also part of the event. The Orangery is particularly charming in the evening, when the park’s lighting effects create a wonderful atmosphere. We would be glad to organize an evening tour of the Trick Fountains for you. We can even provide atmospheric torch lighting if you prefer.

Tip: The Orangery is ideal for seminars – completely furnished with a projection screen, room darkening and shading.


Orangery, reception in the Palace Gardens

up to 40 persons € 900 + 20 % VAT.
41 persons or more € 1.200 + 20 % VAT
Operating cost

7  % of the turnover for drinks and food

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The Palace Rooms

A venue for every occasion

The  historic  rooms  at  Hellbrunn  Palace  will  provide  a  legendary  setting  for  your  festivities.  Welcome your guests with a cocktail in the courtyard or at the Royal Table in the Trick Fountains. An  exclusive  tour  of  the  unique  Trick  Fountains  will  turn  your  event  into  an  extraordinary  experience. Tip:  You  can  also  book  some  of  the  most  beautiful  locations  in  the  gardens  for  receptions.We  will  give  you  an  individual  consultation.  We can even provide atmospheric torch  lighting upon request.


Carabinieri Hall with Makart and Four-Season room

up to 80 persons € 2.100 + 20 % VAT
81 persons and more € 2.500 + 20 % VAT
Operating costs  of the turnover for drinks and food
Cleaning and heating at cost

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The Pheasantry

A courtyard like no other

These  grounds  were  once  occupied  by  pheasants  and  peacocks  –  and  now  this  unique  Mediterranean  courtyard  near  the  world-famous  Royal  Table  offers  an  extraordinary  setting:  For birthday parties, sculpture exhibitions, incentives or product presentations. For events in the open air or in a temporary party tent. Whatever you prefer, let your imagination roam – you are in Hellbrunn!An area of 2,330 square meters is waiting for your individual design ...

Installation and breakdown, per day € 1.700 + 20 % VAT
Event day € 4.800 + 20 % VAT
Operating costs 7 % of the turnover for drinks and food
Electricity at cost

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Weddings in Hellbrunn

The most beautiful celebration of all

Here, where royal festivities were held in the 17th century, is the perfect ambiance for your wedding: The stunning Palace Chapel is ready to host your church wedding; For a civil ceremony enjoy our beautiful outdoor locations like the park, the Sound of Music Pavillion, the Orangery or celebrate inside the Palace. Exchange your vows in a historic location!

Prices for the wedding ceremony
In the Palace Gardens or in the Orangery, followed by a reception € 800 + 20 % VAT
In the Palace Gardens or in the Carabinieri Hall inside the Palace, followed by a reception € 1.500 + 20 % VAT
Sound of Music Pavillion, followed by a reception € 500 + 20 % VAT
Church wedding inside the Palace Chapel € 220 + 20 % VAT
Operation cost 7 % of the turnover for drinks and food

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