Lust for life Not just a palace – a pleasure palace

Hunting lodges are there for hunting, residences to live in and to govern from – but what is actually a pleasure palace? Quite simply, a place for celebration, for pleasure and recuperation – a representative holiday domicile with a park and trick fountains. Pleasure palaces were highly fashionable around 1615. Little has changed at Hellbrunn in over 400 years, except that in earlier times pleasure was reserved for archbishops such as Markus Sittikus. Everyone can stroll through the park nowadays, take pleasure in the trick fountains and celebrate in the palace.

Portrait of Markus Sittikus, 1618

Markus Sittikus The archbishop and his passion

Imagine a man who is simultaneously a prince and an archbishop; a man of power with a wealth of gold and salt. His name: Markus Sittikus. His vision: to create such a place that had never previously existed. You can still feel this passion today as Hellbrunn is more than a summer palace with a park and the unique trick fountains – Hellbrunn is a love of lifestyle.


Permanent Exhibition GrandDelight: The unexpected world of Markus Sittikus

The power of archbishop Markus Sittikus reached far beyond Salzburg. He ruled a region from Carinthia in the south to Regensburg in the north. But why did he have Hellbrunn built in only three years? Well, it was simply his love of life. The interactive permanent exhibition “GrandDelight – The unexpected world of Markus Sittikus” conveys the castle and its history in a refreshingly different way – just as the prince-archbishop would have liked.

Videos in sign language

Videos in sign language

Here you can find videos in sing language for all the stations of the tour through the palace exhibition GrandDelight: The unexpected world of Markus Sittikus.