Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get wet on the trick fountain tour?

For sure, but only if you wish to. You definitely need to stay alert at all times; the water jets are unpredictable. But don't worry, you will only get as wet as you allow. Still, we kindly request that you take care to keep your electronic devices (cameras, cell phones, video cameras, etc.) from getting wet!

Is a reservation necessary?

For parties of 15 or more persons, we recommend making a reservation in order to avoid long waiting times.

Are the trick fountains still open in bad weather?

The palace and the trick fountains are open daily, all summer long, regardless of the weather. In winter, both the palace and the trick fountains are closed.

May I take pictures?

Yes. Taking pictures in the palace and in the trick fountain area is allowed.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, in the park and in the trick fountain area as long as they are on a leash or muzzled. Dogs are not allowed in the palace.

Is the entire Hellbrunn facility wheelchair accessible?

The park and the trick fountains are wheelchair accessible. You can rent a wheelchair at the trick fountains ticket office. Unfortunately, the palace is not wheelchair accessible. Metered handicapped parking spaces are signposted in the parking lot (maximum daily fee € 4.00). Free parking with Eurokey.

Are there parking spaces?

Yes, there is a spacious parking lot for cars and coaches.

Cars: € 2.00 for the first two hours, each additional hour € 1.00. Daily maximum charge € 4.00.

Coaches: € 10.00 per hour. Daily maximum charge € 50.00. Free parking for groups visiting the trick fountains.