Expect to be entertained! a unique cultural jewel

Water automats, grottos, fountains – Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg Markus Sittikus had a system built that astonished, entertained and befuddled his guests. A status symbol and mannerist toy in one. Experience a unique cultural jewel which is to be found nowhere else in this form – right next to the world famous city of Salzburg.

Grottos Amusing wonders

Greek gods, miraculous creatures and illusions are waiting for you in Hellbrunn's five grottos, which bring visitors to a terrible dread and delighted astonishment.


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Water Automats since 1615

The water automats are five water-driven figures – a unique ensemble worldwide. Markus Sittikus shows what his engineers are capable of – and the way in which he masters the element of water.


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Travel Reports

A fever prevented us seeing the salt mine from which the city had received its name …
Hesther Lynch Piozzi - 1785
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Oh what a lovely place to retreat to, such grace, such delight. Such a little earthly paradise …
Domenico Gisberti - 1670
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Schloss Hellbrunn und die Wasserspiele: Mechanisches Theater

Mechanical Theatre Always diligently at work

The most recent attraction of the trick fountains was constructed in 1750 by Lorenz Rosenegger. 163 water-driven figures depict the life of a small Baroque city, hammering, sawing and handiwork takes place tirelessly. An organ gives the beat to make the work go more easily – water-driven, of course.


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Fountains Everything flows

Greek and roman mythology also plays the main role in the fountains: we meet Eurydice, Neptune, the hunter Actaeon and Goddess of the Hunt Diana – perfectly appropriate to the mannerist spirit of the time. The largest fountain is situated directly at the rear of the palace – fed by a natural spring: the Altemps Fountain with the Star Pond and its sumptuous mosaics.