Art & Culture in the Park Where human and nature create brushstrokes

Since its creation, Hellbrunn has been a place where nature and culture enchant the senses in combination. This applies not only to the past, but also to the present. Take a journey of discovery through the palace park, admire contemporary works of art and be amazed at new perspectives.

Art Trail „Einklang“ by Andrea Maria Reiser

The „Einklang“ art trail by the artist Andrea Maria Reiser takes the viewer on a journey into an unknown world of plants and images, in which art and nature become one. The movement between nature and recurring images entices the viewer to expect something, to look at something, not to lose the way, to be alert and open to being amazed. The trail leads you to 17 stations on the Hellbrunn Hill. The engagement with the works invites you to pause, to behold and to reflect.

The print run for the printed versions is 10 per motif, printed on metal or wood.

Marianne Ewaldt's Mirror Octagon

based on a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci, enhanced by Marianne Ewaldt with the labyrinth on the floor and the golden facade.

Leonardo da Vinci designed this mirror octagon for the center of a garden labyrinth in Milan. The project was never realized because mirrors of that size could not be produced at that time. With the mirror octagon, Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus‘ mannerist principle of surprise finds its playful continuation in Hellbrunn.

Hellbrunn SculpturePark Temporary art installations in the palace gardens

When art and nature come into contact, special meeting zones are created again and again. The palace gardens is a place where art, lust for life and openness to opposites have played an important role for centuries, and is now experiencing another artistic dimension through the SculpturePark art project. The Hellbrunn SculpturePark is made up of the temporary contributions of national and international artists at different locations throughout the Hellbrunn palace gardens. The SculpturePark reinvents itself year after year.

15.6.2021-15.6.2022 Hans Kupelwieser

Metal sculptures

For the years 2021-2022, the artist Hans Kupelwieser was invited to install a selection of metal sculptures on the green area in front of the Orangery. Hans Kupelwieser is one of the most important representatives of post-media sculpture in Austria. With his sculptural works, he breaks the traditional boundaries of material and genre. The choice of material often relates to the room or includes it. Particularly interesting in the context of the Hellbrunn Sculpture Park is the field of tension that arises between the Baroque architecture of the palace area, the surrounding nature and the material and formal language of Kupelwieser's sculptures.

15.7.2019-31.3.2021 Christian Boltanski


The sound installation "Animitas" by the internationally renowned French artist Christian Boltanski consists of 120 Japanese iron bells, which are attached to fine metal rods and stuck into the ground. Even a gentle breeze creates a delicate sound symbiosis, which Boltanski calls the "music of souls". This world-renowned bell project was first shown in the Chilean desert in 2014 and then in different dimensions in Japan, Scotland, Canada and Israel.

28.06.2018 – 15.10.2018 Enrique Asensi

A dialogue between nature and sculpture

The 13 sculptures by the Spanish sculptor Enrique Asensi combine the two classical materials of steel and stone. The artist built a field of forces in Hellbrunn Palace Park, where the idea of expansion was in the foreground, with the steel and the shape as an expansion of the stone. The stone remained untouched and was almost elevated by the combination with the steel and subtly glorified as an archaic natural object.

Monatsschlössl Chateau on the Hellbrunn Hill

Hellbrunn from A to Z

Who is Aktaeon and why is Hellbrunn croaking? Along the Hellbrunn Wall towards the zoo, 26 panels and display cases explain Hellbrunn from A to Z. Each letter of the alphabet has a term associated with it. An ideal opportunity for walkers and visitors to learn new things about the palace and park.

The Flower Labyrinth Spring/Summer 2021

The 7-way labyrinth is an ancient symbol and represents the human way of life. Early depictions date back to 2500 BCE. 2021, visitors to the palace park had the chance to make their way through a blossoming labyrinth of tulips. But no need to worry: unlike in a maze, you couldn't get lost. Because after all, the way was the goal. Some facts about the labyrinth in Hellbrunn:

  • The labyrinth had a diameter of 18.40 meters
  • The distance from the outside to the inner centre was 233 metres
  • The lines planted with flowers had a length of 267 metres
  • From May until early June, the labyrinth consisted of 10,000 tulips in colours ranging from red, orange, yellow to purple. Until mid October 1, 200 colourful Busy Lizzies marked the path to the centre of the labyrinth
  • The flower labyrinth was designed by Marianne Ewaldt and Norbert Kopf

The Magic Garden April - October 2021

The Austrian photographer Norbert Kopf creates a wonderland of flowers and plants. His work lives from the structures and the vivid colours of the blossoms he captures in his photography. United, they become a Magic Garden, just like the garden of Hellbrunn Palace. The wonders of nature, the change of seasons, the splendor of dahlias, tulips, camelia, calla, can be seen in his photos. For Norbert Kopf, every blossom is like a portrait: it lives through its own characteristics. The photographs were exhibited in the pheasantry at the entrance to the trick fountains from 15. April until 15. October 2021.

Installation by Wolfgang Richter

Finally infinite Installation by Wolfgang Richter, 2020 - 2021

For his installation, artist Wolfgang Richter has installed 1400 small mirrors in the treetops of the palace park. They were located where branches had been removed during tree cutting and opened up new views of the Hellbrunn synthesis of the arts.

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Sound- and Sight Rooms in Hellbrunn

Sound and Sight Rooms Feeling Hellbrunn

In Hellbrunn’s former carriage rooms, the focus is on a sensual experience. The sound and sight rooms are intended to awaken the desire for discovery and to attune our guests to the diverse world of Hellbrunn. Be inspired!