Recuperation The power of the healing springs

Like a jewel in its setting, the palace park is surrounded by a wall. Behind it the 60 hectares of park area  are revealed, ideal for relaxation and breathing deeply, for a stroll, to enjoy and be astonished – less than 20 minutes by bicycle from the city centre of Salzburg. Art historians see a mannerist work of art in this park, a chamber of wonders of garden architecture: partly artistically laid-out park landscape, partly untouched natural biotope; partly fields, ponds, hills, partly children’s paradise. The name Hellbrunn means, among other things, ‘healing spring’ – all who come here will understand why.

Palace gardens: View from above

The historic park A stroll through time

Over an arched portal reads: ‘The Divine unifies even opposites.’ Markus Sittikus conceived his pleasure garden, which he had laid out between 1613 and 1616, according to this principle. Light and dark, fire and water, lively and quiet – contrasts everywhere. In 400 years the grounds underwent the changing fates of history. The basic ideas of the Renaissance, however, were always preserved.


Stone Theatre on the Hellbrunn Hill

Stone Theatre Where Nature & Culture Meet

Well hidden in a small forrest on the Hellbrunn Hill, the stone theatre seems to have escaped from a Shakespearean play. As far back as in 1617 it was used as a stage for music and theatre performances. 


Monatsschlössl Chateau on the Hellbrunn Hill

The Little Month Palace

Legend has it that it was constructed in only one month – hence the name: Little Month Palace. Today, it houses the Folklore Museum. Admission to the museum is included in the Hellbrunn ticket.


Metal sculptures by Hans Kupelwieser

Art in the Park Where human and nature create brushstrokes

Hellbrunn has always been a place where relaxation, art and culture go hand in hand. This idea also shapes the design of the park today – from temporary exhibitions to the Sculpture Park, there is a lot to discover.



Palace Gardens: Water wonderland

Activities in the Park A paradise for runners, walkers and kids

Fitness studios are very nice – but they are no match for exercise in the open air. Hellbrunn offers a perfect environment for your activities.


Sound of Music Pavilion

Sound of Music I’m sixteen going on seventeen

Lines that a real Sound of Music fan will immediately join in with: the pavilion where Liesl and Franz first meet is in the palace park at Hellbrunn. A permanent fixture on the calendar for over 300,000 fans visiting Europe every year.

Christmas Market in Hellbrunn

Hellbrunn in Winter Pure magic!

A real winter wonderland. Visit the park in winter, when the advent market opens its gates and the cross-country skiing trails are waiting for you.