Lust for Life Since 1615

In 1613 Prince-Archbishop Markus Sittikuscommissioned the construction of Hellbrunn. His vision: to create a place that is beyond belief. The palace, the extensive park and even the trick fountains of Hellbrunn are a gorgeous jewel on the outskirts of Salzburg. Hellbrunn was built as a pleasure palace. This was not a residence but a place for celebrations, a location for summer fun and recuperation. This spirit can be felt now just as much as 400 years ago: whether you stroll through the expansive park or take a tour of the trick fountains. Visitors to Hellbrunn are particularly drawn by the trick fountains. They can enjoy the water automats, grottoes, fountains and other water-operated tricks – nothing else in the world match their forms and variety. One thing is certain: all guests can look forward to a refreshing, fun experience for young and old. The water sprays from all spouts and tubes, it trickles and ripples – and sometimes it even gets someone wet. Surprises are guaranteed! The trick fountains and palace are open from April to October; the park is open all year.