Themed tours Top off your stay with a guided tour customised to your individual requirements

Whether it’s the historical water jokes, mystical grottoes, the Mechanical Theatre or the Royal Table – this archbishop's pleasure palace from the early 17th century still amazes visitors even today. Once upon a time, the mastermind Markus Sittikus relaxed here from the hard daily routine of governing. Follow his lead and enjoy this pleasure palace in fine detail with your own private tour through the magical trick fountains.



In front of and behind the curtains Discover the well-kept secrets of the trick fountains and take a look at the Prince Archbishop's many surprises

On this entertaining themed tour, we go in front of and behind the scenes of the trick fountains. With one of our expert guides you will also visit the lesser known corners of the complex and learn the secrets of the trick fountains.

Water ways The secrets of Hellbrunn complex are the springs, streams and ponds

It’s hard to believe that everything functions here just as it did 400 years ago. There is a crown floating in the air, a rotary organ plays Mozart and a cheeky scandalmonger sticks his tongue out at visitors. During this exciting themed tour, you will learn more about the fascinating technology behind the trick fountains. Where does the water come from? How does the mechanisms and automatons work?

On the trail of the gods Immerse yourself in the fascinating legend of ancient goddesses and heroes

In the spirit of the times, Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus was fascinated by the ancient world of legends. That's why today you meet gods, mythical creatures and heroes on every corner of Hellbrunn. On this fabulous, themed tour you will learn more about the whimsical beings and their roles. Why does Eurydice sleep in the underworld? Why does Diana turn the curious youngster Aktaion into a deer? And why does Apollo skin poor Satyr Marsyas?

Hellbrunn in the blue hour The sun touches the horizon and evening sinks across the palace. Explore Hellbrunn outside of the opening hours.

With this exclusive guided tour outside the regular opening hours, Hellbrunn shines in its own special light. Nature comes to rest and the blue hour gives plants and stones an enchanting shimmer. This is how to make the end of the day a real highlight.

Your benefits

Exclusively for your group, this tour adapts to your wishes and preferences. Whether the focus should be on historical or technical details, your wishes count! You also decide on the date and time.

In fair weather, the guided tours take place outdoors and include the trick fountains. In case of bad weather, we will gladly guide you through the palace with its interactive exhibition and the grottoes, such as the Birdsong Grotto, the Neptune, Ruins and Mirror Grottos. Here, we go through secret passages which are not open to the public.

Flat rate up to 26 people € 351.00
From 26 people, per person € 13.50
Fees incl. VAT  
Opening times

Open daily from 1. April until 1. November 2022

April 09:30 - 17:30
     Last admission 16:30
May, June 09:30 - 18:30
     Last admission 17:30
July, August 09:30 - 19:00
         Last admission 18:00
September 09:30 - 18:30
     Last admission 17:30
October, November 09:30 - 17:30
     Last admission 16:30

Open in any weather


Private tour of the trick fountains (also outside of regular opening hours)
Languages: German, English (on request: French, Italian)  
Duration: approx. 40 Minutes

Palace Exhibition GrandDelight - audioguide tour (during opening hours)
Audioguide available in: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Duration: approx. 40 Minutes

Folklore Museum at Monatsschlössl (during oprning hours)
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Ten-minute walk to Monatsschlössl


Payment on the spot in cash, with credit- or debit card.


Please let us know the desired date and time for your themed tour of the trick fountains: or +43 (0) 662 82 03 72-0.



If an exclusive tour is not taken without giving reasons or is not cancelled within 24 hours, a cancellation fee of € 135.00 incl. VAT will be charged.